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Do you know…where George Orwell got the idea for Room 101?

In Nineteen Eighty Four room 101 is a torture chamber in the Ministry of Love. This is  where the all-controlling Party breaks prisoners by exposing them to their own worse … Continue reading

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Quotes for Writers (and people who like quotes) Ian Fleming on a by-product of writing

What are the rewards of writing? First of all, they are financial. You don’t make a great deal of money from royalties and translation rights and so forth and, unless … Continue reading

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Mums and magic, Dogs and super hero Dads feature in national writing competition for children

This is the third year of BBC Radio Two’s writing competition for children aged 13 and under. It’s called 500 Words and over 90,000 entries were received. 90,000! Lexicographers at … Continue reading

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