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To Wed or Not? Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper Makes Her Decision

Mrs Finnegan, leading housekeeper of her generation, makes up her mind about the MOST important decision of her life. From now on will anything be the same again?

January 10, 2023 · 5 Comments

Mrs Finnegan Gets Married…? Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper Reveals All in FULL and Previously Undisclosed detail

The day BEFORE her wedding Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper hears a confession from the lips of her husband-to-be that leaves a CHIP of ice in her heart. What should she do?

January 3, 2023 · 19 Comments

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been – Rainer Maria Rilke

Image Credit: Rosy from Pixabay

January 1, 2023 · 2 Comments