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DID YOU KNOW 15% of all books

bought in the UK last year (2011) were self published. Source

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You no longer need an agent to submit to this mainstream publisher

Tor UK is the Pan Macmillan imprint specialising in science fiction, fantasy and horror. They also publish some YA crossover fiction and novels based on computer games franchises. Their writers … Continue reading

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Written a play? Get feedback and a chance to see it on stage

Accidental Theatre in Belfast accepts submissions of new plays from November 1st to February 2nd and promises to give at least brief feedback for each script received within six weeks. … Continue reading

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The books that UK publishers want to commission in 2013

Here’s a tour of what 23 leading fiction editors say they want to land on their desk in 2013. This is just a summary – You can read the article … Continue reading

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Survey for Writers and Would-be Writers

The Writing Platform, a free online resource for writers, wants help in assessing what writers’ needs are in the digital era. You complete their short survey by clicking here

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Queer in Brighton – a new project

Thanks to money from the Heritage Lottery Fund, this project is celebrating the city’s unspoken and outspoken LGBT history. The editors are looking for stories about the places, the music, the fashion, … Continue reading

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MONDAY CREATIVE WRITING EXERCISE because it’s a good way to start the week DIALOGUE: ACCENTS

One of the first things you need to consider when writing dialogue is the vocabulary and the way it is expressed. Does it fit the age, education and experience of … Continue reading

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I like sea gulls too – birds with attitude

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Quotes for Writers (and people who like quotes) Celia Brayfield

Since you know readers are trying to second guess your story, you can start teasing them. Since they are listening for a bullet, fire a silent one. Play with their … Continue reading

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Did you know that the world’s richest short story competition has never been won by a Brit?

But that could all change this year as 12 of the 16 authors long listed for the £30,000 Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short are UK- based authors. To be … Continue reading

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What did you Google to get here?

I am both proud and confused to announce that this blog is the NUMBER ONE website if you Google the following search term. how do i blow up the deadly … Continue reading

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Did you know that the King James Bible…

has inspired the lyrics of more pop songs than any other book. Source: QI

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Why you SHOULD judge a book by its cover

Self or indy publishing offers a of lot of possibilities to writers, but there are many pitfalls too. A recent article on The Huffington Post explores the depths that the … Continue reading

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Monday Creative Writing Exercise because it’s a good way to start the week TITLES

Titles are hard to get right. The easy option is to go for a label – Sunday Afternoon, The Dream, A Walk in the Park and there are excellent precedents. … Continue reading

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