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Crisis is where we get the true measure of a character…George Saunders QUOTES FOR WRITERS

To get any forward momentum, I have to make stories that have drama, which for me often means putting some overt threat in there. And I’m not subtle. To make … Continue reading

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Poems are a way of looking at yourself – Michael Rosen QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Poems are like photos in a photo album …It gives you a chance to look at yourself. Rather like the way people do when they’ve got two mirrors.Michael Rosen Photo … Continue reading

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Throwing THE BABY Out With The Bathwater – Has That EVER Happened in Your House? Brighton’s REGENCY HOUSEKEEPER offers advice..

In an unprecedented step this week Mrs Finnegan – the Celebrated Authority on MOST THINGS and housekeeper at The Regency Town House is SEEKING advice as well as handing it OUT A … Continue reading

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Writing Competition for the Irish Diaspora

This is interesting. Green Curtain Theatre are celebrating the centenary of an ‘independent’ Ireland with a lockdown theatrical performance written by people from the Irish Diaspora. (The Anglo-Irish Treaty was … Continue reading

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Writing comes out of affliction…Edna O’ Brien QUOTES FOR WRITERS

That is the mystery about writing: it comes out of afflictions, out of the gouged times, when the heart is cut open. Edna O’Brien Photo Credit:Jonathan Rados on Unsplash

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Mentor Award Scheme for Emerging Writers of Colour

The Royal Society of Literature are joining forces with Sky Arts to launch a new set of Awards to celebrate and nurture British writers of colour at the beginnings of their careers. Five … Continue reading

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Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper advises on suitable ladylike pastimes

This week Mrs Finnegan is OFFERING ADVICE in the form of lists. The Celebrated Authority on ALMOST EVERYTHING and housekeeper at The Regency Town House has heard that LIST MAKING imposes … Continue reading

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Writing is a lonely place – Rachel Carson QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Writing is a lonely occupation at best. Of course there are stimulating and even happy associations with friends and colleagues, but during the actual work of creation the writer cuts … Continue reading

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The Brighton Regency Housekeeper gets compliments from a stranger…and letters from the Americas

Mrs Finnegan is the Celebrated Authority on affairs of the HEART and HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT in addition to being housekeeper of The Regency Town House. This week she writes about secrets and a woman … Continue reading

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Yep, writers can do that…Sinclair Lewis QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Writers have a rare power not given to anyone else: we can bore people long after we’re dead. Sinclair Lewis Photo Credit: Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay 

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Dreaming of an elopement and arguing over an address – Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper gives out advice whether it is wanted or not

Mrs Finnegan, the celebrated advice giver and outstanding housekeeper at  The Regency Town House, is asked her opinion on TWO THORNY issues. Read on, dear reader, to discover the answers and … Continue reading

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