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What Students Say About My Creative Writing Courses…

Bridget Whelan is a conjuror. She turns her students into writers immediately. She also teaches you to create your own magic – pulling out a short story each week like a new rabbit from a hat. KO

I’ve written more in the last week that I have since I was 7. OL

Bridget keeps each class fresh and inspiring. She interweaves teaching with creative exercises and the sharing of work. It is a testament to her talent that she has such a loyal following of students who take her class term after term. Through her class I came up with new ideas and improved my writing. MM

I am SO shy about showing my stuff and I never feel it’s very good, but you have really built up my confidence just because you are very encouraging and I never feel you would put my work (and so me) down and yet you manage to give feedback that is really constructive and valid. K

 Bridget is an engaging tutor who knows how to bring the best out of her students. She encouraged me to shout about my abilities and achievements which helped to boost my confidence and generate more ideas.
I would happily recommend her to any aspiring writer who wants to improve their skills in a challenging but supportive environment. PD

Made to feel comfortable in a group, reading your work out loud, the accessibility of the tutor. Positive criticism enabling you to move forward.  Feedback was very encouraging made me more productive and not frightened to take risks without fear of ridicule. K

I didn’t learn to read and write until I was in my 20s. Bridget got me back into the classroom and got me into writing. Now I don’t want to stop. M.

2 comments on “What Students Say About My Creative Writing Courses…

  1. Maggs
    February 1, 2014

    Bridget is this astoundingly weathered captain forever sailing her eternal sea of words……………………….maggs radcliffe

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