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What Bestselling Authors say about BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING SCHOOL

“The creative writing bible.”

C.S.Quinn, author of Thief Taker

“It’s packed full of so many fascinating snippets and observations that it’s more than a writer’s handbook – it’s a book which anyone could read and if they did they would probably find their pleasure in words and the world  heightened.”

Lizzie Enfield, author of What You Don’t Know and Uncoupled

“If you want to get down to writing – or back to writing – but are struggling to get started, then this book is for you. Full of inspiring, stimulating exercises that will turn your writers’ block into writers’ flood – as your ideas pour onto the page! Bridget’s warmth and experience shine on every page, it really feels as though you have the best kind of supportive teacher by your side, spurring you on and sharing her own wisdom. Recommended for new writers, and for old hands seeking new inspiration.”

Kate Harrison, author of The Secret Shopper, Boot Camp and The 5:2 Diet Book

“From magical realism, to how to write funny, to horror, to crafting compelling description there’s something for everyone in this fun and thought provoking creative writing book. Bridget has a lovely breezy, chatty style that makes it a real pleasure to read. Whether you’re a novice or a published writer the exercises in this book will educate, inspire and delight you. Guaranteed to beat writers’ block!”

Cally Taylor, author of Heaven Can Wait and Home for Christmas

“Inspiring, insightful and fun – this easy-to-read guide explores what makes a good story and is packed with exercises to kick start your creativity. An indispensable tool for anyone wanting to write fiction, I highly recommend going back to school with Bridget.”

Sarah Rayner, bestselling author of One Moment, One Morning

“Bridget Whelan is an outstanding creative writing tutor and mentor, and teaches adults of all ages and abilities to kick start their creative writing talents. Having seen her classes first hand, I can recommend her as an amazing teacher. When it comes to creative writing, Bridget offers warm, reassuring and knowledgeable advice, and can help turn your writing into bestseller material”.

Susanna Quinn, author of The Glass Geisha, I Take this Woman and the bestselling Ivy Lessons series

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