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Stevie Smith explains why she didn’t write when she was happy – Quotes for Writers (and people who like quotes)

Why does my Muse only speak when she is unhappy? She does not, I only listen when I am unhappy When I am happy I live and despise writing For … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise from the archives: Historical Fiction

This is straightforward lucky dip. Choose two numbers – both have to be between one and ten. The first number gives you a personal event and the second a historical … Continue reading

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What Are Poets Good For?

It’s true that they are not much good at earning a living from writing alone. But they don’t seem to be bad at being presidents, although to be honest I … Continue reading

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The Power of Stories – Emmanuel Reed Manirakiza Quotes for Writers (and peope who like quotes)

Inside stories lies transformational power, Power that moves the invisible us, Power that stirs our emotions, To experience the experiences of others; Stories allow us to imagine and live momentarily … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise from the Archives: connect three pictures…and suddenly you have a story

Don’t censor yourself just write. Don’t cross out. Just write. Try to keep your hand moving across the page or the keyboard. A lot of what you are going to … Continue reading

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The Internet in 100 Years

Originally posted on International Book Promotion:
The Internet in 100 Years

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Writing about the beast within – get your pens out for this unusual competition

The more humanity advances, the more it is degraded (the always cheerful) Gustave Flaubert I’m posting news about this writing competition because of the subject you have to tackle – … Continue reading

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A recipe for a Hollywood movie – Tony Gilroy Quotes for Writers (and people who like quotes)

Big ideas don’t work. Start with a very small idea that you can build on. With Bourne I never read any of the books; we started again. The very smallest … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise from the Archives BREAKFAST

Your subject — what you ate this morning. Compare it with other breakfasts you’ve known: childhood breakfasts, breakfasts with lovers, breakfasts with children, breakfasts in greasy spoon cafes, in chic … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise from the archives. IN THE SUMMER TIME…

We need to make the most of the summer so today’s exercise is very simple: go outside to write whenever you have the chance. But do it in a way … Continue reading

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You’ve got to be part of a Holy Trinity to produce great writing

….in order to create quality prose we need to craft, project a unique character’s voice, and review our own work from the objective stance of a reader. A tall order, … Continue reading

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Writing a novel as if the characters could run away – P.G.Wodehouse Quotes for Writers (and people who like quotes)

The principle I always go on in writing a novel is to think of the characters in terms of actors in a play. I say to myself, if a big … Continue reading

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The law of reversed effort as explained by Aldous Huxley — Quotes for Writers (and people who like quotes)

Take the piano teacher, for example. He always says, Relax, relax. But how can you relax while your fingers are rushing over the keys? Yet they have to relax. The … Continue reading

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