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Robert Graves on how he could afford to write poetry — Quotes for writers (and people who like quotes)

Prose books are the show dogs I breed and sell to support my cat. The poet Robert Graves author of I, Claudius and Goodbye To All that and other good … Continue reading

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Free International short story competition

The RTE Guide/Penguin Ireland Short Story Competition is now open for entries. Winning stories will be published in the RTE Guide. (For those who don’t know, RTE is Ireland’s television … Continue reading

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17 Ways to Mess Up Your Murder Mystery

Originally posted on Ramona DeFelice Long:
Being an editor is a non-stop education. With every manuscript I read, I learn as much as I correct, suggest, or guide. After years…

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Do you know…where George Orwell got the idea for Room 101?

In Nineteen Eighty Four room 101 is a torture chamber in the Ministry of Love. This is  where the all-controlling Party breaks prisoners by exposing them to their own worse … Continue reading

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Franz Kafka on the kind of books we should be reading QUOTES FOR WRITERS (and people who like quotes)

I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. If the book we’re reading doesn’t wake us up with a blow on the … Continue reading

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On writing a first chapter

Originally posted on Kathleen McGurl:
The first chapter of a novel is so important – it’s the first thing a reader, editor or agent sees, and if they don’t like…

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What you should do tonight….no, not that

Watching England play in a crucial match is not good for anyone… Not good at all…. This, on the other hand, might well be… WATERSTONE’S BRIGHTON Thursday, 19 June 2014, … Continue reading

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Take Part in a War Memorial Made of Words

A project remembering WWI wants as many people as possible  to create a new kind of war memorial – one made entirely of words. Writers are taking part and students … Continue reading

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Why we need books and stories and the ability to make things up – Quotes for writers (and people who like quotes)

Without imagination we are all a little in prison A.L. Kennedy BBC Radio Four Point of View June 15th photo credit: boellstiftung via photopin cc

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5 Top Flash Fiction Tips for Writers – Hysteria Writing Competition

FLASH FICTION goes by many names: micro fiction, sudden fiction, short short stories, skinny stories (no fat allowed) and postcard fiction. I gather in China it translates to a palm-sized … Continue reading

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The best place to write – J.K.Rowling Quotes for writers (and people who like quotes)

It’s no secret that the best place to write, in my opinion, is in a café. You don’t have to make your own coffee, you don’t have to feel like … Continue reading

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Back to Creative Writing School: an announcement

I’m delighted to reveal – imagine a drum roll and a touch of staccato piano playing in the background  – that Back to Creative Writing School is now out in … Continue reading

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Out of Our Minds – Brighton writers exploring mental health and the benefits of creative writing

Mental health conditions and psychiatric disorders have always interested writers and driven plot lines. Can fiction shed light and help us understand mental illness and how does the process of … Continue reading

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A book a day for a month — here’s a week of books that made a big impression on me as a child

 #BookADay started yesterday, June 1st. Harper Collins want everyone to share a book a day on twitter for the month of June. We can’t wait for #bookaday to get started … Continue reading

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