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Crisis is where we get the true measure of a character…George Saunders QUOTES FOR WRITERS

To get any forward momentum, I have to make stories that have drama, which for me often means putting some overt threat in there. And I’m not subtle. To make … Continue reading

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Poems are a way of looking at yourself – Michael Rosen QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Poems are like photos in a photo album …It gives you a chance to look at yourself. Rather like the way people do when they’ve got two mirrors.Michael Rosen Photo … Continue reading

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Writing comes out of affliction…Edna O’ Brien QUOTES FOR WRITERS

That is the mystery about writing: it comes out of afflictions, out of the gouged times, when the heart is cut open. Edna O’Brien Photo Credit:Jonathan Rados on Unsplash

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Writing is a lonely place – Rachel Carson QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Writing is a lonely occupation at best. Of course there are stimulating and even happy associations with friends and colleagues, but during the actual work of creation the writer cuts … Continue reading

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Yep, writers can do that…Sinclair Lewis QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Writers have a rare power not given to anyone else: we can bore people long after we’re dead. Sinclair Lewis Photo Credit: Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay 

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Write small advised Virginia Woolf QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Let us record the atoms as they fall upon the mind in the order in which they fall, let us trace the pattern, however disconnected and incoherent in appearance, which … Continue reading

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Magic Realism: it’s not just a fairytale moment – Salman Rushdie QUOTES FOR WRITERS

When people use the term magic realism, usually they only mean ‘magic’ and they don’t hear ‘realism’, whereas the way in which magic realism actually works is for the magic … Continue reading

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If you want to write read trash – Joseph Brodsky QUOTES FOR WRITERS

In order to write a good book, a writer must read a great deal of trash — otherwise, he won’t be able to develop the necessary criteria. That’s what may … Continue reading

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“You are most alive…in childhood” Edna O’Brien QUOTES FOR WRITERS

I am obsessive, also I am industrious. Besides, the time when you are most alive and most aware is in childhood and one is trying to recapture that heightened awareness.Edna … Continue reading

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What poets do…Laura Riding’s advice to a child QUOTES FOR WRITERS

A person might be able to make poems but be unable to make chairs, not because she could only make poems, but because it didn’t happen to her to make … Continue reading

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It all depends on how you do it…says Julian Barnes QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Everything in art depends on execution: the story of a louse can be as beautiful as the story of Alexander. You must write according to your feelings, be sure those … Continue reading

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…in continual triumph and defeat, in the present, alive…poet Muriel Rukeyser’s celebration of life QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Whatever has happened, whatever is going to happen in the world, it is the living moment that contains the sum of the excitement, this moment in which we touch life … Continue reading

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When to Start the Second Draft – John Niven QUOTES FOR WRITERS

You definitely need space between the first and second draft. I’d recommend a couple of months…Because if you start the second draft when you’ve immediately finished the first one, it’s … Continue reading

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I’m a very ruthless critic of my own work…Bernardine Evaristo QUOTES FOR WRITERS

I have to be inside the work and also looking at it from the outside as much as you can when you’re creating it yourself. So I’m a very ruthless … Continue reading

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