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Getting to the Heart of Things – Lily Dunn on Writing Memoir QUOTES FOR WRITERS

When writing memoir, a writer is not simply expressing or purging their painful experiences but also also using it to explore themselves, and the human condition generally, by engaging with … Continue reading

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Get Over the Fear of Failure – Brandon Stosuy QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Even the most accomplished people deal with failure and ongoing self-doubt. You have to learn how to deal with it. Failure is how you learn. If you see it as … Continue reading

April 30, 2023 · 2 Comments

Launch Your Picture Book Career With This Competition

Would you like to write for the 3 to 5 year old age group?
UK publishers are running a picture book competition

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It’s All Change for Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper. Will She Stay or Will She Go?

Mrs Finnegan, housekeeper at The Regency Town House, is at a crossroads. One path will take her to matrimony, the other to a much nicer bed sitting-room

November 29, 2022 · 11 Comments

Without You an Entire Industry Would Not Exist – Doris Lessing QUOTES FOR WRITERS

And it does no harm to repeat, as often as you can, ‘Without me the literary industry would not exist: the publishers, the agents, the sub-agents, the sub-sub-agents, the accountants, … Continue reading

October 9, 2022 · 7 Comments

Tension in Flash Fiction – Audrey Niven QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Make sure you actually tell a story. A descriptive vignette, however gorgeous, is not a flash story. A woman lolling in a hammock sipping cocktails is not enough. But if … Continue reading

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Old Clothes and New Nonsense from the Chronicles of Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper

Mrs Finnegan, well rested after last week’s summer holiday, has again taken up her duties as Housekeeper of The Regency Town House. However, she never forgets that others DEPEND on … Continue reading

June 28, 2022 · 8 Comments

Poetry Shrinks the World – Jonathan Edwards QUOTES FOR WRITERS

There is nothing like the solitary occupation of poetry for connecting you intensely with others. Read a poem to a roomful of strangers and you do nothing less than show … Continue reading

May 22, 2022 · 4 Comments

Writing Historical Fiction in a 200 Year old Town House – Come and Try It

I’M BACK in the classroom for the first time since 2020 and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it. When I say classroom I mean a … Continue reading

May 20, 2022 · 2 Comments

What to Include When You’re Writing About Your Life – Walter Zinsser QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Don’t rummage around in your past for ‘important’ events…. Write about small, self-contained incidents that are still vivid in your memory. If you remember them it is because they contain … Continue reading

May 15, 2022 · 4 Comments

Light and Shade, Sunshine and Shadows…Albert Camus QUOTES FOR WRITERS

There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.Albert Camus

May 1, 2022 · 2 Comments

Neighbour Problems – Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper has a sure-fire solution

Mrs Finnegan’s advice is FREELY GIVEN to all manner of people, being both a celebrated authority on nearly everything AND the housekeeper at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE  What can I do … Continue reading

November 2, 2021 · 10 Comments

How to End a Story and How Not To – Colum McCann QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Nothing in life ever really begins in one single place, and nothing ever truly ends. But stories have at least to pretend to finish. Don’t tie it up too neatly. … Continue reading

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Friday Picture Writing Prompt – who knows where it will take you

This book changed a life….

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