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The problems wrong coloured flowers can cause…but Brighton’s Regency housekeeper always has an answer

Confidante to the great and the GOOD, the confused and downright unreasonable, Mrs Finnegan administers advice while ALSO tending to her duties as housekeeper at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE  May I … Continue reading

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Mrs Finnegan is BADLY misunderstood – the Chronicles of Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper

While Mrs Finnegan is a CELEBRATED authority she CANNOT be held responsible if her advice is misinterpreted, but she can get cross about it. She is also housekeeper at THE REGENCY … Continue reading

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A Guilt-ridden Maid and a Timid Mistress seek the advice of Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper

Mrs Finnegan is an authority on nearly everything. It’s hard to know how she finds the time when she is also housekeeper at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE,   The butcher terrifies … Continue reading

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Tragedy on the High Seas! More from the mailbag of Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper

Mrs Finnegan’s advice is SOUGHT on all manner of subjects, being both a celebrated authority on nearly everything AND housekeeper at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE,  My wonderful fiancé Gerard, the second … Continue reading

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Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper is Instructed on How to Improve her Chronicles

Mrs Finnegan, housekeeper at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE , WELCOMES constructive criticism… We wish to thank you for the letter sent out every Tuesday morning. My sister and I are eager readers. … Continue reading

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There are SOME things Mrs Finnegan will not discuss – Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper intends to KEEP her standards HIGH

Mrs Finnegan, celebrated authority AND housekeeper at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE has her reputation for probity and scrupulousness to MAINTAIN. Mortified that’s what I am, but more than that: my husband Arthur … Continue reading

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Have You Got a Servant Problem? Mrs Finnegan – Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper – has the Answer

Mrs Finnegan – purveyor of wisdom and SAGE of the serving classes – is housekeeper at The Regency Town House in Brunswick Square, Brighton. My neighbours moved into Brunswick Terrace four years … Continue reading

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Children! Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper says let Princess Victoria be your guide

My little sister and I are between governesses at the moment. The last one left because she was sad and the one before sighed a lot. Mama says we must … Continue reading

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Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper reminds readers why they have lips…

There is very little for Mrs Finnegan, celebrated authority AND housekeeper at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE, to laugh about this week. (And she is too well mannered to do so, even … Continue reading

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A Rag Bag of appeals, complaints and proposals….Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper deals with them all

Mrs Finnegan, celebrated authority AND housekeeper at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE rattles through a number of queries this week in attempt to reduce her stock of unanswered mail to a manageable size. … Continue reading

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There’s Devilment and Misery in Mrs Finnegan’s Mail Box. Advice from Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper Will Put a Stop to Both (sort of)

Can’t stop my sticky little fingers from sneaking morsels of food from the kitchen. It’s not as if I am even hungry, it’s just the devilment of trying something that … Continue reading

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Need help making decisions? Follow the instructions of Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper for a simple life

Mrs Finnegan, the outstanding housekeeper of her generation, is employed at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE She GIVES advice and occasionally takes it. Please help me. I have a complete inability to make … Continue reading

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An old Rake Wants to Marry a Young Bride…Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper Raises an Eyebrow

Mrs Finnegan, celebrated authority AND housekeeper at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE is not AFRAID of giving frank advice when it is needed. You are a woman of the world, Mrs Finnegan, … Continue reading

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Mrs Finnegan might be looking for a new job…The Chronicles of Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper

CELEBRATED Authority on almost everything, Mrs Finnegan is CURRENTLY housekeeper at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE in the mostly pleasant town of Brighton & Hove, but is OPEN to offers… WHOEVER … Continue reading

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