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It’s All Change for Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper. Will She Stay or Will She Go?

Some Readers were QUITE overcome at last week’s startling revelations. Mrs Finnegan, housekeeper at The Regency Town House, hopes that they are now FULLY recovered.
She herself stands at a crossroads, not certain which ROAD to take…

Dear Readers,
FORGIVE ME for not preparing you beforehand but a marriage proposal came as a surprise to me as well.

I have also been OVERCOME by letters and not of the how-nice-to-hear-your-news variety.

There may be one or two in the pile SEEKING my advice, but they have yet to rise to the top. Most attempt to offer ME guidance and while I appreciate it is well-meant (mostly) I feel many are labouring under a GRAVE misunderstanding.

Let me be CLEAR

  • At no time has Master Peregrine Hildenbrace offered me the post of HOUSEKEEPER in his establishment.
  • Yes, the thought may have CROSSED my mind in a fleeting way, like a SEED floating on the wind, but I do not BELIEVE it ever took root in Master Hildenbrace’s forehead.
  • And of course, I have not forgotten Sissy.
  • Also I CAN confirm that I not entirely UNAWARE of what courtship involves. I have had my moments, I say no more

And finally, a special message to TWO loyal readers

First, Miss Imelda from North Twitter-dom

I believe in you Mrs Finnegan, for your wisdom, compassion and practical common sense. I therefore am convinced you would not tie yourself to that ol’ sneezer for love or money.

What about love AND money? I just put that question on the table and leave it there.
Now for Miss Tiffany from North Canada who wrote:

My Dear Mrs. Finnegan! First question, are you alright? Now for the rest… I am confused, maybe I am not and I am correct in understanding that you and Master P are engaged?! Or did he leave you alone on the street without waiting for your answer and then you fainted!? Was he uncomfortable waiting for your reply? Or did he forget himself and nervously leave you for that wicked woman to find?! So many questions.
Be well, please try not to leave us in too long of suspense. The second thing that you alluded to can wait.

My dear you have UNDERSTOOD perfectly.

Yes, Master Hildenbrace has asked for my hand in marriage.

There is no betrothal as I have not YET responded. Master Peregrine did not wait for a reply, but this was in perfect ACCORD with my own feelings.

A lady should wait and reflect. An immediate answer smells of desperation but to leave it too long may encourage the other party to have second or third thoughts.

I shall REVEAL my decision next Tuesday and do not think that you ALREADY know my mind. There are more changes afoot that MIGHT alter everything.

We are MOVING.

The whole Hankey Household is moving from Number 13 to Number 10 Brunswick Square, a much bigger and grander house a few doors down and it has a much bigger and grander housekeeper’s room.

As you can see.

I have fallen in love with everything from the delightfully RESECTABLE linen cupboard you can ACTUALLY walk into to (yes!) to the elegantly painted wood (note the fine graining. You won’t FIND the like of that anywhere else in the basement).

The fire grate is of the latest design, the window shutters are a joy and the floorboards handsome .

Plus Mrs Hankey has PROMISED a full staff. (She knows nothing of Master Peregrine’s proposal and has made it clear that I shall be in charge.) Picture it, dear readers!


I can’t help wondering if NOW is the right time to leave.

Make sure you don’t MISS the next THRILLING episode!
Click HERE and Mrs Finnegan will let you know when the ink is dry and her chronicle is ready to be read. 
It’s no TROUBLE at all and this service is provided ENTIRELY FREE of charges, taxes and tips. She will even SEND it to the gentry if desired.

11 comments on “It’s All Change for Brighton’s Regency Housekeeper. Will She Stay or Will She Go?

  1. Sarah Waldock
    November 29, 2022

    The new housekeeper’s room and control over a full staff sounds ideal.
    I fear I have never quite liked Master Peregrine Hildenbrace; something about him does not seem to ring true. Of course you know him better than we, your eager readers, can garner from your snippets about him, but I am glad you are taking time to reflect. Marry in haste, repent at leisure. And how many servants would you have under you in his household? perhaps a mercenary thing to consider, but comfort as one has moved out of the dewy optimism of youth is of paramount importance, especially when life’s seasons turn to those aches and pains which mean that scrubbing one’s own floors is agony. Of course, if love is sufficient, and there is sufficient love, then discomfort can be ignored.

    • bridget whelan
      November 29, 2022

      Mrs Finnegan observes that it is one of LIFE’S great dilemmas – how to respond to someone you admire who does not care for another person you admire. She is still composing her reply. It may take some time.

  2. beth
    November 29, 2022

    what to do?, what to do?

    • bridget whelan
      November 29, 2022

      Mrs Finnegan tells me that all advice would be appreciated unless it goes against what she wants to do.

      • beth
        November 29, 2022

        I get that-

  3. Elisabeth Hopkin
    November 29, 2022

    I can’t help wondering if Master Peregrine is hoping to avail himself of the services of a housekeeper, while evading the necessity of paying one – a wedding ring is surely cheaper than a year’s salary!

    • bridget whelan
      November 29, 2022

      Mrs Finnegan is worried that you might thing THINK it was the sole reason for his proposal.

      • seghopkin
        November 29, 2022

        I am sure Mrs Finnegan’s personal charms would have been the deciding factor – no doubt there are many other housekeepers to whom he could have offered his hand and heart!

      • bridget whelan
        November 29, 2022

        Mrs Finnegan WANTS to draw everyone’s attention to the outstandingly intelligent response from seghopkin (and most especially the housekeeper at Number 59)

  4. Joan MacGregor
    November 29, 2022

    My dear Mrs Finnegan
    I wholeheartedly concur with the questions raised by Mistress Waldock about the nature of the establishment that Master Peregrine would offer but I should also query how far you can trust Mrs Hankey to fulfil the promises she has made. You have made plain, in the past, her somewhat erratic and volatile nature. Can you have faith that what she has said today will be put into practice tomorrow? And maintained in the future? A servant’s contract can more easily be broken than a marriage contract.

  5. bridget whelan
    November 29, 2022

    Mrs Finnegan is seriously considering making a pokerwork plaque of your insightful comment.
    A servant’s contract can more easily be broken than a marriage contract.

    Quite so.

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