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Did you know that the world’s richest short story competition has never been won by a Brit?

But that could all change this year as 12 of the 16 authors long listed for the £30,000 Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short are UK- based authors. To be fair, the competition is very young so it’s not that surprising that the  top prize should have gone to New Zealand, the USA and Ireland in previous years.

Here’s the long list. It will be whittled down to a mere six next month and the overall winner will be announced in March. 

  • Caroline Adderson – ‘Erection Man’   

  • Junot Diaz – ‘Miss Lora’ 

  • Helen Dunmore – ‘Spotted Dick’

  • Adam Foulds – ‘Tunnelling’

  • Mark Haddon – ‘The Gun’

  • Sarah Hall – ‘Evie’

  • Cynan Jones – ‘The Dig’

  • Philomena Kearney Byrne – ‘Honda Fifty’

  • Toby Litt – ‘Call it “The Bug” Because I Have No Time to Think of a Better Title’

  • Belinda McKeon – ‘Eyes on Me, Eyes on You’

  • Mark McNay – ‘Ten Years Too Late’

  • C D Rose – ‘Arkady Who Couldn’t See and Artem Who Couldn’t Hear’

  • Ali Smith – ‘The Beholder’

  • Graham Swift – ‘I Live Alone’

  • Claire Vaye Watkins – ‘Rondine al Nido’

  • Samuel Wright – ‘Best Friend’

Source: The Book Trust

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