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Free ebooks to download from two bestselling authors

You wait for one to come along and then…

Two Brighton based authors embark on two very different train journeys. We can  read the stories that emerged from their travels for free. (If you don’t have a kindle I’m pretty sure both will download to a computer.)

I love free stuff, especially when it’s good free stuff.

When JULIA CROUCH became East Coast Rail’s first ever Writer in Residence on the London to Harrogate line she wrote a gripping short story on the return train journey. After all trains have long been the ideal setting for the perfect murder…

Turning fifty has not filled Sally with joy. She’s sitting on the Kings Cross to Harrogate train the morning after her disastrous birthday meal, feeling fed up and hungover to hell. And then a stranger climbs on board and sits down opposite her. You know those passengers who really, really annoy you on trains? The ones who invade your personal space, and worse? Well, he’s one of those. And he’s about to push Sally to breaking point

Free to download from Amazon

Have you ever set out on a train journey not knowing where on earth you’ll end up?

This exclusive short story was written by bestselling novelist KATE HARRISON as she travelled as Virgin Trains Writer in Residence from London Euston to Penrith for the Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference in July 2012.

Included are Kate’s top tips for writing on a train (or a boat, or a plane)… who knows, your next bus ride could be the beginning of your first novel.

Also includes an extract from Kate’s brand new novel, THE BOOT CAMP.

Hope is overworked – and so over relationships – when she embarks on a mystery tour arranged by her sister Faith, who has promised her a mini break guaranteed free of romantic four-posters, red roses or dinners for two.

Hope’s trying to travel light – yet as she leaves London Euston, her emotional baggage begins to catch up with her. Will the journey finish her off . . . or will it be the start of something new?


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