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Quotations for Writers (and people who like quotations)

“If you stuff yourself full of poems, essays, plays, stories, novels, films, comic strips, magazines, music, you automatically explode every morning like Old Faithful. I have never had a dry spell in my life, mainly because I feed myself well, to the point of bursting. I wake early and hear my morning voices leaping around in my head like jumping beans. I get out of bed quickly, to trap them before they escape.”

Ray Bradbury

2 comments on “Quotations for Writers (and people who like quotations)

  1. newtonhouseltd
    October 21, 2012

    Ironic, as the first thing I did this morning was to find out who had said a phrase I want to use in a piece of writing I am working on. Didn’t get out of bed quickly though!

  2. bridget whelan
    October 21, 2012

    ….”exploding like Old Faithful” doesn’t describe my Sunday morning either…but I have a few writing hours before the family come round to be fed, I have ideas, a computer that’s still working (cross fingers, toes, eyes)…and I do like the notion of stuffing myself with all the good things of life….

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