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A new creative writing magazine is about to be published – if we all do a bit of barn raising

What the Dickens Magazine is a fascinating creative magazine* that has been published online for nearly two years and it’s now going to take a huge leap into print. Or it will if it gets a bit of help.

The October issue of What The Dickens

I didn’t know much about crowd funding until Vicki, editor, founder and one of those people who makes things happen, told me about it.

Basically it’s a feel-good co-operative effort to get behind projects that wouldn’t normally attract commercial funding. It couldn’t happen without the internet but I think the idea behind it is very old fashioned. It’s almost a 21st century version of American barn raising (can anyone think of a British/Irish equivalent?) And it all started in 1997 with a British rock group called Marillion who wanted to tour America but couldn’t get the backing. So fans got together and raised the money.

Since then crowd funding has supported all kinds of arts projects. The What the Dickens team have made a video to persuade you that it would be a really good idea if you were part of it.

Donate money HERE

Read back issues of What the Dickens HERE

* I’m a bit biased as I’m one of the fascinating people that write for WHAT THE DICKENS. Did you spot me in the video?

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