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Only a few more days to go for your chance to win!

Leave a comment (a simple “Ah!” will do nicely) and you stand a chance of winning a copy of A GOOD CONFESSION in a raffle that’s running until October 31st.
Set in Islington, North London in the early 1960s, its focus is the local Irish community and the love affair that threatens to tear it apart.

Here are some extracts to tempt you.


…Mick had resented the insurance collector who called on Friday mornings. ‘Aren’t we young?’ he would argue. ‘Aren’t we strong?’ Mick would have preferred the couple of bob in his own pocket; or, better still, in the pocket of the bookies’ runner who dodged up and down Chapel Market in well-worn gabardine.


…Don’t tell me Mick was devoted to the Mass, Cathleen thought as Father Jerry climbed the steps to the pulpit to give the sermon at the Requiem Mass. Don’t say he loved the Eucharist.

Mick Brogan loved a bet and a pint and me.


‘There’s a friendship that’s helped me through this hard time but I don’t want to be friends any more,’ Cathleen whispered. ‘I love him and I shouldn’t.’

Father Jerry put his hand up to the thin partition and felt the chipped veneer beneath his fingers. They were only inches apart.


Bridget Whelan writes in the great Irish tradition of storytelling.  A Good Confession is an unputdownable, compelling love story about the conflict between passion and duty


Fans of heartwarming romances will enjoy Whelan’s tragic love story set in 1960s England and Ireland….


A moving, humorous and subtle book


 I’m left here rethinking my definition of a Happy Ever After. The more I think about it the more I like …the last scene.


2 comments on “Only a few more days to go for your chance to win!

  1. Vikki (The View Outside)
    October 28, 2012

    Oooooooo 😉


  2. bridget whelan
    October 28, 2012

    That’s better than Ahhhh!

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