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NEW creative writing magazine in print for the very first time

Order the first print edition of WHAT THE DICKENS magazine now. It has been available on line for six editions but  thanks to public support you can hold it in your hands, scribble reminder notes on it, pass it onto a friend or treasure it forever.


This issue my column is about the single most popular genre in fiction – romance.
Intimate emotional relationships are at the core of the human experience so it is not surprising that so many of the stories we tell revolve falling in love…
This is a lucrative market. Nine out of ten readers are women and women buy more books than men. There is also evidence that fans of romance tend to be hungry readers, reading and buying more than average. Emerging writers should be aware, however, that they have a keen understanding of the genre and a precise list of wants…
Find out what those wants are in this collector’s edition of WHAT THE DICKENS
Check out the preview edition on the website. You can pay by Paypal. The UK Cost is £6.99 – which includes post and packing – see the website for delivery charges to other parts of the world

4 comments on “NEW creative writing magazine in print for the very first time

  1. ann perrin
    December 15, 2012

    Love the cover design must get one!

  2. bridget whelan
    December 15, 2012

    Do – there’s loads in it. I’ve flagged up the creative writing element but the artwork is outstanding and there’s also other crafty features. Have a look at the preview on the website

    • ann perrin
      December 15, 2012

      the buttons to pay by paypal do not work, have told them…but no answer so far!

      • bridget whelan
        December 16, 2012

        I’ve checked this out with the editor Victoria Bantock. Apparently it all works brilliantly in Google Chrome but it seems a few people have experienced difficulties when using another internet browser. I am going to find out where cheques can be sent if you’re still having problems.

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