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Did you know what a Booker prize-winning author earned in 2011?


Novelist and playwright James Kelman, winner of the Man Booker Prize and twice nominated for the International Man Booker Prize, revealed in a speech last month that all he made from his writing in 2011 was £15,000 . The occasion was an award ceremony where he was presented with a cheque for £5,000 for winning the Saltire Society’s Scottish Book of the Year for his eighth novel, Mo Said She Was Quirky.

James Kelman "A disaffection"

James Kelman “A disaffection” (Photo credit: altemark)

An angry Kelman said the money would be “really useful”.

Source: The Scotsman

4 comments on “Did you know what a Booker prize-winning author earned in 2011?

  1. catdownunder
    January 2, 2013

    “But it’s easy to write a book. You just have to sit down and do it!” I think that might be the sort of attitude which causes some authors to be far less than their worth.

  2. bridget whelan
    January 2, 2013

    You’re right! And how many people have said oh, I’d like to do that if I had the time…as if they were talking about planting a new flower border! Or even: I’ve thought of the title for my memoir/novel/travel guide which I always think is the hardest part.’ Doh! The hardest part is writing it and re-writing it…
    I gather that the speech was very angry and I don’t blame him one bit after a 40 year publishing career. Maybe in his case it also has to do with that he’s an outsider – not quite acceptable in terms of literary fiction. The novel that won the Booker was called a disgrace by some….

  3. Vikki (The View Outside)
    January 3, 2013

    I’m shocked! But then again I was told that the last Booker only sold 80,000 copies!

    They say don’t they, do choose writing as a career if you want to make lots of money 😉


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