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New Blog — Does it look OK? And if you’re a WordPress expert…help!

pilot dog headshotI moved from my old blogpost blog Connecting last August and bless you, the people who came with me. You can still see it here if you have mind. It was fine but after two years I felt I was ready for the more grown up world of WordPress.

I liked the magazine style format of the theme I chose and here’s an overdue public thank you to the clever, generous people who devise extraordinary templates and then let anyone play with them.

I think I like the open source philosophy behind WordPress, although I don’t really understand how they give so much away and still seem to be doing just fine, thank you very much. WordPress powers 49% of the top 100 blogs worldwide, runs 70 million websites and is thought to have earned something in the region of $45 million in 2012. So whatever they are doing seems to work on a lot of levels.

Back to my important blog decisions: why change the theme now?

I did like the look of the way it was before, but the older I get the more demanding I’ve become. I want things to be aesthetically pleasing AND do the job they are supposed to do.  And the job of a blog is to communicate, share, have a conversation and I found that blogposts were dropping off the screen too quickly, ending up in the archives when they still had a kick in them. They weren’t hard to get at but it required effort (or luck) and conversations need to flow.

I probably wouldn’t have changed at all if I hadn’t come across Life as a Widower, a moving and emotionally intelligent blog written by 30 something Ben, who until last November was a happily married man with a two year old toddler. In a matter of moments his wife was killed and the axis of his world shifted.

I’ve been inspired by his blog in many ways and the style of it – the template he chose – reflects his desire to be open about his feelings and share with others in a simple, straightforward way. No talk of angels in heaven or swirly, curly script to get in the way of what he is writing about or obscure the enormity of what he has lost. You can read it HERE and it is worth reading even if you’ve never had to follow the journey he is on.

So, although the nature of this blog is very different, I’m trying out the template he chose. I like the way you can see quite a few blog posts at a glance. Do you? And I think it is easier to read. Both of these seem to be a good thing and worth the hassle of changing.


I was just playing around with how my blog might look with a make over in between moving some furniture and roasting potatoes. When I came back from burning the dinner (one job at a time, how many times do I have tell myself!) I found what I was looking at wasn’t just a preview – it had gone public. So, what the hell…

Still needs tinkering with it.

And I cannot understand why a few posts will not behave. Why, for example, will Hilary Mantle’s picture stubbornly refuse to appear in the slot made for it? I’ve tried the picture in every position, first, last, stuck in the middle of a sentence…
If you know what I’m doing wrong, do tell me.

If you’re just reading this and haven’t a clue let me know…does the blog look ok? Does it work?

8 comments on “New Blog — Does it look OK? And if you’re a WordPress expert…help!

  1. simonedavy
    April 8, 2013

    You’ve done a really good job. I spent a while looking at it last night in between making and eating pancakes! I found lots of interesting things that I hadn’t found before. As a beginner it’s good to look at blogs that have been around a while.

    • bridget whelan
      April 8, 2013

      Impressed that you were doing anything while making pancakes…very impressed that you were over here checking out what this new template was like! Thanks for visiting…and you’re so right about learning from others

  2. ann perrin
    April 8, 2013

    Like it! Play around, some more, I’d make pic a bit smaller, might put some writer persons off but then if you tag ‘photography’ you’ll get even more readers.
    Love some of your other pages, looks really good overall.
    Can’t advise …mine is a bit all over the place.. too many categories etc. but then it was all hit and miss. I still love doing it and it gets readers so who cares!
    By the way the course button comes up with nothing …yet! Take care lovely lady Annx

    • bridget whelan
      April 8, 2013

      Thanks for your help Ann. This picture of the pilot dog came out much bigger than I expected (he is a sweet little fellow living in County Cork) ….lots to learn. Strange that the course document didn’t transfer across but the others did. Never mind, it was out of date anyway. Did the computer read it and know, I wonder….

  3. creativityorcrazy
    April 8, 2013

    I like it. Think it looks more open and makes it easier to read the blog posts than the way it was set up before with the narrow columns. Oh, just noticed the archives list below the comment spot. No matter what, I’d just play around with it and make sure it’s something you like.

  4. Vikki Thompson
    April 8, 2013

    I really like it! 🙂


  5. angelanowak
    April 9, 2013

    This is really good, Bridget! I love changes myself. I shift the furniture from time to time in the house =).

  6. Sarah Kent
    April 10, 2013

    Definitely works for me! Had come for a sniff round after the City Lit website to find out who’s teaching the 60-minute writer course. The dog sold the course to me straight away so have signed up. Who cares whether the course button works or not after that welcome…

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