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Thin ReadsThis is a very new website – just five days old – and based in America so not relevant to everyone, but I wanted to include it in SAFARI FRIDAY because:

1) this could be the future

2) it may give new heart to short story writers.

THIN READS is devoted to e-singles defined as a work of fiction or nonfiction between 5,000 and 25,000 words long. The majority are priced between $0.99 and $2.99 and right now there is about 700 e-singles in the site’s database.

More than 150 publishers – including The New York Times, Penguin, Random House, HarperCollins and GQ Magazine – are publishing e-singles.

A few facts:

* more than half of the stories on the database were created to be read on an electronic platform rather than print

* the majority – 69% – of the stories on the database are non fiction – a  surprisingly high figure I thought and I wonder if that will hold true as more and more e-singles are added.

* the site is not “monetized” at the moment. That means the team who run it aren’t making any money, but it looks very professional and I presume they have eyes on the future.

There’s author interviews, reviews, a kindle bestseller list and a weekly  email newsletter.

Check it out HERE

GOOD for short story writers everywhere – maybe we won’t be complaining about the lack of publishing opportunities any more

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