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Written the first chapter of the novel you always wanted to write?

tree rightFirst prize in this novel writing competition is the stuff dreams are made of: feedback from an acclaimed literary author, a top literary agent and a commissioning editor as you write the rest of your novel. If all goes well and the mentoring process is a success you will also win an agent and a publishing contract.

That’s what happened to Nora Brown, the winner of the inaugural First Chapter Prize. Her debut novel will be published this year.

Run by Lightship literary organisation, The competition is open to a writer of of any nationality who hasn’t had a novel published before by a literary or mainstream publisher. That opens the door to those who have already self-published.

Deadline is July 1 2013 so there’s time to write, reflect, polish and polish again.

Cost of entry is high at £16 but that reflects the work that goes into judging a competition of this nature and frankly I think it’s worth the investment if you believe your first chapter and the story you want to write will blow them away.

You can submit up to 5000 words plus a synopsis of 400 words.

Synopsis writing is a torture. I’ve never met a writer who doesn’t agonise over it, but it is an essential tool. Start on it now and show it to as many people as you can for feedback before submitting.

Find out more by clicking HERE


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