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A Brighton afternoon of books and tea drinking with the city’s best selling authors (and me)

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THE DATE is Saturday May 18th.

TIME 2.30 pm to 5 pm.

THE PLACE  is SUNSHINE ART CAFE in Hove Street, near the sea and the station. More details HERE

Julia Crouch – author of Cuckoo, Every Vow You Break and Tarnished (just out)
Simon Toyne – author of the Sancti Trilogy. Number 3 just out
Sarah Rayner – author of One Moment, One Morning and the Two Week Wait
Araminta Hall – author of Everything and Nothing and Dot (just out)
MD Lachan – author of horror fantasy trilogy
Kate Harrison – author of too many books to mention here (adult, young adult and the famous 5:2 Diet Book)
Susanna Quinn – author of mystery-thrillers including Glass Geshias and I Take this Woman (just out)
Laura Wilkinson – author of Bloodmining
Erinna Mettler – author of Starlings, Melting the Ice and The Christmas Dragon
and me (but with only one ‘E’)

The festival is in full swing. Drop in while you’re on the Open House trail and if you don’t now what a wonderful thing that is you can find out by clicking HERE. Now that does sound like an excellent combination – literature and art and tea. And all of it free (apart from the tea).
Beats food shopping on a Saturday afternoon but hey, if you have to do that too Grasmere Farm Food Shop is just around the corner and George Street Tescos is nearby – you can feed your mind and the family!

3 comments on “A Brighton afternoon of books and tea drinking with the city’s best selling authors (and me)

  1. Vikki Thompson
    May 9, 2013

    Im gutted this is on the same day as the London Chapter RNA Meeting 😦


  2. bridget whelan
    May 9, 2013

    Shame – but you will have a great time at the Romantic Novelists Association

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