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DID you know that the shortlist for the Nobel Prize for Literature 2013 is…

489px-Selma_Lagerlof_nobel_prize_illustration….well, I can’t reveal the names because they won’t be released for another 50 years but the list has apparently been whittled down to five from the 195 submitted for consideration. Of those 48 are first timers.  October 8 update: Still don’t know who the five are but the bookies have their own short list & I bet you won’t guess who’s 50 to 1. Find out HERE

There is a lot of secrecy surrounding the selection process and you can find out more at The Literary Saloon – click HERE.

I gather that winners are only informed minutes  before the official announcement – that means calls can come at unexpected times and reach Nobel Laureates in unexpected places.

Gunter Grass was on his way to the dentist in 1999 when he heard the news, but for many the phone call comes in the early hours of the morning which is pretty cruel really.  Those in the running for a Nobel won’t know they are in the running so they are denied the chance to prepare themselves mentally and endure a few sleepless nights.

So…just to be on the safe side anyone who writes shouldn’t panic if the phone rings at 5am on an October morning

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