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Creative writing in the classroom – visit my guest post

teaching creative writingI’m not here right now. For one day only I am on Michelle Proulx’s blog.  You can read me HERE on the most intimidating blank page anyone will ever experience…and the brand new A level that will help you face it.

2 comments on “Creative writing in the classroom – visit my guest post

  1. 1WriteWay
    May 26, 2013

    Just read your post on Michelle’s blog. It was lovely and a reminder to me that it is the one who is leading the teaching that will make the difference for a student. I’ve taken lots of different classes (traditional writing, online, snail-mail correspondence) with different instructors. In general, the feedback I get from other students as well as the instructor can be priceless, but the cream is where the instructor actually cares and loves writing and working with students.

  2. bridget whelan
    May 29, 2013

    Thank you for all your nice comments. I do agree that the tutor’s attitude and enthusiasm is very important but creative writing courses are also a very collaborative experience because we all learn so much from each other.

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