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Monday Creative Writing Exercise because it’s a good way to start the week: ROMANCE

This is a lucky dip romance….

Pick your numbers and you’ll have your characters, what brings them together and what keeps them apart. All you have to do is write…but no scrolling! It’s much more fun if you do this blind.

LIST A  pick TWO numbers between 1 and 10.  The first one is the heroine the second is the hero

 LIST B pick ONE number between 1 and 6

LIST C pick ONE number between 1 and 6

traffic lightsLIST A

1) Someone recovering from a serious illness
2) Doctor
3) Spy
4) Body Guard
5) Solicitor
6) Nurse
7) University Student
8) University Lecturer
9) Big Issue seller
10) Television Reporter

LIST B – How they meet

1) New Neighbours
2) Meet at wedding
3) Held hostage together
4) Childhood friends who meet again after years
5) Both want to buy the last of the same thing
6) Take an evening class together


List C – What’s keeping them apart

1) Rivals in work related situation
2) One is dead
3) One is involved/married to someone else
4) Different class/wealth
5) One is convinced that the other has done something underhand
6) One is a vampire

Let me know what you end up with! Oh, and name them…..


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photo credit picture one: malias via photopin cc
photo credit: picture two Emmanuel_D.Photography via photopin cc

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