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International fiction and non fiction writing competition — open to self published authors

santa feJust heard about the Santa Fe Writers Project.
Excuse me while I pause for a moment to savour those words. Santa Fe. Isn’t that the sound of the thundering herd? How does the description of the hero go…broad at the shoulders, thin at the hips, eyes narrow from squinting at the desert sun…ok back to writing.
The Santa Fe Writers Project publishes books and runs an annual writing competition for fiction and non fiction. This year the fiction judge is David Morrell who created Rambo while the non fiction judge Lee Gutkind was described by Vanity Fair as the Godfather of Creative nonfiction.
The competition has refreshingly liberal rules.

  • You can submit a manuscript of any length – a complete novel, biography or autobiography or a tightly written short story or essay – you choose.

  • It can be any genre and they welcome anything experimental. They make a point of stressing they won’t judge it on its chances of being published.

  • It’s open to unpublished authors

  • It’s open to self-published authors

  • It’s open to authors published via iUniverse, Author House, Publish America, Amazon, or any similar organization. This also includes Kindle Direct authors.

  • It’s also open to authors published by a small or independent press who do not receive marketing support. They calculate that the industry standard for getting noticed is a $20,000 marketing budget. (Interesting insight that’s about £13,500.) They are asking that the marketing budget of the small press is below $15,000 and go on to add that the entry “will be reviewed carefully” prior to processing.

  • And as long as the manuscript is in English and you’re over 18 you can come from any part of the world.

  • You don’t need to have any connection with Santa Fe.

Bad news (there always has to be bad news)

  • It costs a hefty $30 to enter (I think that’s about £19 and a bit). Still if they are reading full length manuscripts then it is not over the top.

  • The closing date is July 15th (but you can enter online – in fact they prefer it.)

Lots more to find out and you can do that by clicking HERE

Santa Fe….I wonder if they would let you collect the prize in person…riding a horse…and afterwards teach you how to lasso a maverick….

SANTA FE photo credit: Claudio.Ar via photopin cc

QUEEN OF THE RANCH photo credit: PaperScraps via photopin cc

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