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Wanted: a columnist for £100 per week. Could this be your dream job?

mag boxesIdeasMag is looking for a new columnist to write a 500 word weekly column for six months at £100 per week.
Sound good? This is the kind of person they are looking for:
You must be over 16, a member of the Ideastap online arts community for young people (free to join) and be witty and original about the arts and cultural events, not about your flatmates drinking habits.

Applicants need to say in 100 words why they should be the new columnist and submit an example of a 500-word column on a topical cultural issue, plus two ideas for further columns. They also need to upload other examples of their writing to their IdeasTap portfolio.

IdeasMag advice about what to write about:Write about something you care about but not the BIG subjects such as arts cuts, social networking, job hunting for creative graduates etc.

“We will have read about the big issues of the day. Read about them plenty of times and from plenty of angles.”

Structure: Don’t start with a whimper and don’t fade away.Don’t resort to wackiness, grand offensive statements or ludicrous flights of nonsense.

“The ideal column opens with a strong sentence, leads you through a well-thought-out argument and builds to a brilliant, snappy conclusion.”.

Don’t try to be the next Charlie Brooker/Caitlin Moran/Giles Coren/Grace Dent

“If you’re misanthropic – great! If you have a strong feminist agenda – splendid! If you happen to drink gin and eat things you find in bins – good for you! Just don’t think that to be a successful columnist you have to mimic the style of an already successful columnist.”

Closing date August 16th so plenty of time to get your act together and write that column. Find out more HERE  Good luck!

Is this your dream job?
If not, what would you love to do if you could wave a magic wand?

photo credit: BrittneyBush via photopin cc

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