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Poet in Residence – another job to dream about?

cornwallIt’s not my intention to turn this blog into a job noticeboard, but I just had to publish details of a writer in residence post that came to my attention, not least because it means living in the glorious county of Cornwall from the autumn to the spring of next year. Based in Launceston between October and April 2013/14, the poet will take part in at least four public activities on behalf of The Charles Causley Trust – the rest of the time is devoted to their own writing.

The fee is £8400 and accommodation is included

Closing Date: July 30th 2013

Visit The Charles Causley Trust for more information. The Trust acquired Charles Causley’s House in 2007 and they want it to be a centre to celebrate his life and writing and promote new literature in the community in which he lived and worked as a school teacher and rarely left. Known for his simple poems for children and adults, his best friend was Ted Hughes and many – including TH – would have liked to seen him become poet laureate.

photo credit: stëve via <photopin

English: Former National School, Launceston Th...

Former National School, Launceston where Charles Causley was a pupil and teacher” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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