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Come Write With Me — an invitation from Victoria Bantock

I’m handing over my blog today to Victoria so she can tell you about her new venture – The Creative Life Project.  We first met in a classroom (where I was one of those who talked for awhile and then made her write) after she graduated from the creative buzz of Chichester University.
Victoria is a busy women who gets things done, except – as she confesses here – she hasn’t be able to do much creative writing. She has stories in her head she needs to get down on paper, but she couldn’t work at home. Instead of moaning about it, she has found a solution and it’s one that could help other writers.   CREATElogoWEB

‘Writing Spaces’ events in Brighton by Victoria Bantock

What happens when you don’t have that all important ‘Room of One’s Own’? You do something mad like me and create a whole new project, hire some venues and annoy people like crazy to get them to come along and get writing with you.

I struggle badly with getting my creative writing done. I do plenty of other writing like this blog post, articles and content for the magazine website (I set up the What the Dickens? Magazine), letters, e-mails, texts, shopping lists and cheques but I just can’t seem to do any fiction writing whatsoever when I am at home. There are children around, other halves looking over my shoulder and the noisy A26 out the back there. I don’t seem to have the right desk, the right pen, the right computer or the right colour paint on the walls. I don’t have a shed at the bottom of the garden or a luxury office somewhere I can escape to.

Creative Writing

Upon pondering all of this, I came to realise that while writing is usually a solitary confinement activity, I actually get things done better when doing it with other people. I remember my university days where you’re in that room and they talk at you for a while but then they MAKE you write. You have to do it! You are there between this time and this time and that is what you are doing at that time.
I need the discipline, the structure, the noise of others pens scratching at the paper, the buzz of creativity silently moving about the room, the rain beating at the chipped window panes and the words appearing one after the other on the paper, this, is what I need to get those novels written!

I recently set up a new venture called The Creative Life Project as I want to inspire and encourage people to live creative lives. One of the events I have set up is what I call ‘Writing Spaces’. I have hired some lovely venues, with great paint on the walls, the occasional sea view and tea, coffee and biscuits.
And it is here that I will be going to write, and I will finish those stories that keep me awake at night desperate to be written. They are happening in Brighton to begin with and I have kick started some off in August with a view to some regular dates from September onwards.

So, to all my fellow writers, if you too struggle and need to get out of the house and commit regularly to your creative work with other like minded people (which helps fabulously to keep momentum going!), then please do book and come along (fee’s cover venue hire, tea, coffee and biscuits for the whole session). Join me and let’s do this together!

Thanks Victoria.
She tells me that there’s a Writing Spaces session on Sunday morning August 11th in central Brighton. There are also other dates in August. Click HERE to find more

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