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Dot Dot Dot…my part in a digital writing relay team

Brighton Digital FestivalThis was fun. New Writing South, the literary organistion for south east England, have put a modern, multimedia spin on the traditional game of Consequences as part of Brighton’s Digital Festival. They recruited a relay team of creative writers to write a story and throughout September each writer will contribute a section in different forms, from prose to drama to performance poetry.
I was asked to write my segment on my facebook page. I didn’t know until Friday that I was third in the replay team. Each writer only sees the contribution that went before them so I didn’t realise that bestseller crime writer Peter James opened the story on video with Jonas Carter’s visit to Brighton. Jonas had last been to the city 10 years earlier to bury a friend. Quite a few people wanted to do the same to Jonas…

Next came Vanessa Gebbie, a prize winning short story writer and novelist. Jonas needed to get to the West Pier and keep a low profile while he was doing it, so  she placed him in the middle of Pride wearing vermillion day-glo skin-tight shorts and gold lame vest so he wouldn’t stand out…

(Brilliant idea – can see that scene being filmed. The opening shot in the next James Bond maybe?)
Then came my turn:

OMG Jonas! I just saw you!! Wait until I tell everyone in the office LOL. They still talk about you, even tho’ it’s been what? A year. They are so going to talk now. Message me as soon as you get this. The crowd’s too thick I can’t get to you but maybe we could chill somewhere. I know a darling little bar in Hove. Your old software pal SuziQ from Graphic Design


Jonas (should I call you Madam Jo Jo!) Check your phone, will you! I came down to Pride with a bunch of girlfriends. Rescue me. SuziQ Your-I-hate-fb-fbfriend


OOOh! new development you’re actually talking to a girl. Jeez, you’re dressed like a tart and so is she. Are you confused or what? If you look up right now and turn to your left you can’t miss me. I’m the one on the hotel balcony waving my Ipad at you like a wild thing. And we all thought you were straight as…Shit! Jonas, what just happened? Shit, shit, shit…

I wonder what’s going to happen next. Exciting isn’t it? You can follow the story comment & watch it take off in new and twisting tangents. Poor Jonas, it doesn’t look good.

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