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Up for grabs – £30,00 bursary to launch your creative career

creative writing bursaryIdeas Tap and Sky Academy Arts Scholarships are awarding five £30,000 bursaries to talented artists aged 18-30 from the UK and Ireland. In addition to the bursary, winners are also paired with relevant business and creative mentors to support them along the way.
Applications from people working in the following fields are welcome:

• Performing arts: theatre-makers including directors, spoken word artists, puppeteers and live artists

• Dance: dancers and choreographers

• Music: musicians, composers, songwriters and conductors

• Visual art: including painters, sculptors, photographers, animators and digital artists

• Creative producing: do you bring together disparate parts of culture in exciting and innovative ways? This category is open to creative producers working in visual arts, theatre, film and performance/dance

• Creative writing: including playwrights, novelists, graphic novelists and poets – but not film or TV scripts

The five winners won’t necessarily come from five different categories. Looking at all the applications, the judges will pick the five entries they believe to be the strongest overall.

Deadline: 5pm Friday 6 December 2013, but Ideas Tap say that  judges will be reviewing entries as they come in and strongly advise against leaving an application to the last moment. There is lots of detailed advice on the website – HERE – check it out carefully. This could be the start of a life-changing journey.

photo credit: Claudio.Ar via photopin cc

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