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For 24 hours only BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING SCHOOL will be free

Next Monday December 2nd my new ebook is free to download.* Word of mouth still sells more books than anything else which I find heartening, but before someone can recommend a book they have to read it…and that’s where the free promotion comes in. It’s an attempt to introduce BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING SCHOOL to people who may discover they love it once they get to know it.
Creative writing ebook


It’s laid out as if it was part of a three term course, but you don’t need to follow it term by term. Dive in. The only advice I would give is finish each exercise you start. There are an awful lot of promising beginnings tucked away in dusty drawers and could-be novels stored in computers that are four chapters long. Don’t add to the stockpile. Tenacity is part of a writer’s job description and you will learn a lot just by finishing.

The best bit of writing advice I ever got was if you do something, something happens. Maybe tackling the exercises in this book will be part of your something – I hope so.


This is very straightforward and it’s about something that you’re an expert in – you. All you have to do is list the names you’ve ever been called: the nice ones, the ones you answered to at different times in your life, the nicknames you’ve earned over the years, the variations of your proper name that have been used by family and friends and lisping toddlers.

In class I wouldn’t ask you to include intimate names. While there’s nothing wrong with the world knowing that someone calls you Dad or sweetheart, you don’t need to declare to a room full of strangers that snuggle muffin was once whispered into your ear and you didn’t mind a bit. Here, though, you are in control, write down as many names as you want, even the ones that might make others blush. This is your writing: you decide what to let go, what to hold back.

And here’s a selection of quotes from Amazon reviewers.

For anyone experimenting with creative writing, for either the first time or returning after a break, this could be the best couple of quid you’ll spend. A delightful, easy to read book, choc-a-bloc with exercises, ideas and prompts. I work with young people in schools on their literacy and creative writing skills – though if Gove has his way this might stop 😦 – and this guide is a fantastic addition to our resources ‘box’. Can’t recommend it highly enough. LW

I particularly liked her sections on humour: in fact parts of it had me laughing out loud. Her sections on horror give a real feel for the genre. The selected samples used to illustrate certain points are always clear and pertinent, showing the best, or the worst, of writing style. SA

Don’t be put off by the title! Bridget Whelan has an instinctive feel for the craft of writing and a genuine love of words and literature which she imparts in a way that makes learning how to write a truly joyful and rewarding experience. NP

It would help a lot if you could spread the word by sharing this post or tweeting about it or simply talking about it. And remember you don’t need a kindle. You can download BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING SCHOOL  to your PC, laptop, Ipad, tablet or smart phone. Can’t do it to your vacuum cleaner yet, but I bet Dyson are working on it.

* Next Monday is a bit of a loose term as it is all calculated according to Pacific Standard Time. This is how I think it works out.
USA Los Angeles  Free period starts Midnight between Sunday December 1, 2013 and Monday December 2, 2013. Free period ends Midnight between Monday December 2 and Tuesday 3
CANADA Newfoundland Starts 4.30 am Monday December 2 — Ends 4.30am Tuesday December 3
UK London Starts 8am Monday December 2 — Ends 8am Tuesday December 3
GERMANY Berlin Starts 9am Monday December 2 — Ends 9am December 3
TURKEY Ankara Starts 10am Monday December 2 — Ends 10am December 3
INDIA Delhi Starts 1.30pm Monday December 2 — Ends 1.30pm Tuesday December 3
JAPAN Tokyo Starts 5pm Monday December 2 — Ends 5pm Tuesday December 3
AUSTRALIA Brisbane 6pm Monday December 2 — Ends 6pm Tuesday December 3
NEW ZEALAND Auckland 9pm Monday December 2 – Ends 9pm Tuesday December 3





4 comments on “For 24 hours only BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING SCHOOL will be free

  1. victoriacorby
    December 2, 2013

    Hi, I’ve just had a look on Amazon France and it’s only free to users of Amazon Prime.

  2. bridget whelan
    December 2, 2013

    Grrr! I’ve double checked and according to Amazon the special offer is “in progress” instead of being live and raring to go . Don’t know when it will kick in but suggest you check back this evening. They must have done what ever they have to do by then….

  3. bridget whelan
    December 2, 2013

    Wait! It has now gone live! Perhaps they heard us complaining. Go get that book Victoria and I hope you enjoy it

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