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International Writing Competition about Australia

AustraliaThe Stringybark Short Story Award 2013 is now open.  They accept every genre — the only catch is that your story must have some link to Australia.
Length: maximum 1500 words
Deadline: January 19th 2014
Entry Fee: A$9.95
Prizes: total value of A$810 plus publication
Stories can be fiction, non-fiction or a combination of both. The organisors say:
What is fiction and what is fact?  Any re-telling of an event will have elements of fiction within it.  All fiction has elements of fact.  Writing is a spectrum with absolute fact (whatever that may be) at one end, and fantasy at the other.  All stories fall somewhere in between.
They also explain how the team of three judges will make their decision.
Stories are scored on seven criteria and are awarded a score out of 50 points.
Interest/Entertainment (10 points),
Plot (10),
Style (5),
Characterisation (5),
Setting (5),
Spelling/Grammar (5),
Fit to Theme (5)
PLUS a maximum of five points if in the opinion of the judges, your story should be published.

photo credit: F.d.W. via photopin cc

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