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Good morning Santa Cruz!

Santa CruzSanta Cruz on the coast of California is famous for golden beaches, surfing (they even have a museum dedicated to it) and its liberal social attitudes. Close your eyes and you can picture it, can’t you? Its economy is sustained by tourism and technology and it is surrounded by redwood forests.
And this morning the good folk of Santa Cruz can read a 700 word review of Back to Creative Writing School . I have author Linda Covella to thank even though all sorts of things went wrong with the review process – files were sent that couldn’t be opened, emails were deleted in error – but Linda, who has never met me or indeed heard of me before a chance encounter on twitter, persevered and I am very grateful she did. Here’s a small quote from her review:

The book is easy to read and strewn with interesting facts, references, and examples from well-known authors.  Each section ends with exercises—helpful for your current WIP (work in progress) or a future story. Indeed, some of the lessons might provide inspiration for new stories. 

You can read it in full here and at the same time get a taste of Santa Cruz community life. The only thing that my home town on England’s battered south coast has in common with Santa Cruz this morning is that we both have 100% chances of rain today.

photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopin cc

2 comments on “Good morning Santa Cruz!

  1. E A M Harris
    February 8, 2014

    Just shows the power of social media.

  2. bridget whelan
    February 9, 2014


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