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Getting the Opening Write

Beginnings are hard. Yesterday I made my class write the opening of a book or short story that would never be read…because the opening was so awful. It’s a great getting-to-know-you exercise with a serious point. Here’s some very good advice for fiction and non-fiction writers

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Editing_and_proofreading_blog_190We assess people in the first few moments after meeting them. The same is true of writing. Whether it is a novel, an email or a sales brochure, you need to get attention, & make people want to know more.

If people don’t like the beginning, they will stop reading. Few of us write the sort of material people have to read. The reality is that if you can’t write the beginning, there is no point in writing at all, because no one will read it.

In a short piece, the first paragraph needs focus. In a book you may have more time, but who knows when the reader’s attention will start to wander.

Your target is to do the following as soon as possible:




Get attention as soon as you can.Explain what problem you will solve.Get into the action straight away.
Make promises, then…

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