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Free for July only – a novel set during the miners’ strike

This year we remember the centenary of World War I war, but there are other wars this country has fought, many with itself, and 30 years ago the miners’ strike tore apart  families and communities.

Public Battles, Private Wars

Laura Wilkinson has forged a moving story about complex relationships against the backdrop of an industrial conflict that touched everyone – even those of us who were far from a colliery. I know Laura and I know her research was impeccable, even down to trying out 1980s recipes, but you will want to read Public Battles, Private Wars for the writing, for the way she tells a story and creates characters that walk off the page. And for the month of July publishers Accent Press are making an offer you can’t refuse –  download the kindle version free HERE. (And remember you don’t need a kindle or any ereader to benefit – you can download it to your Ipad or computer, or even to your phone.)

To temp you further here’s the blurb for Public Battles, Private Wars

Laura Wilkinson

Yorkshire 1983.

Miner’s wife Mandy is stuck in a rut. At twenty-three, and trapped by domesticity, her future looks set and she wants more from life. Husband Rob is a good-looking drinker, content to spend his days in the small town where they’ve always lived – where Mandy can’t do anything other than bake cakes and raise her children.

When Mandy’s childhood friend – beautiful, clever Ruth – and Ruth’s Falklands war hero husband, Dan, return to town, their homecoming is shrouded in mystery. Like in their schooldays, Mandy looks to Ruth for inspiration – but Ruth isn’t all she appears.

As conflict with the Coal Board turns into war, the men come out on strike. The community and its whole way of life is threatened. Mandy abandons her dreams of liberation from the kitchen sink and joins a support group. As the strike rumbles on, relationships are pushed to the brink, and Mandy finds out just who she is – and who her true friends are.

Share this with family and friends – I am pretty sure they will thank you for the recommendation. In fact, I’m certain…

4 comments on “Free for July only – a novel set during the miners’ strike

  1. Laura Wilkinson
    July 21, 2014

    Thank you so much for this wonderful shout-out, Bridget. I hope your readers enjoy the novel.

    • bridget whelan
      July 21, 2014

      Happy to let people know that your publishers have decided on a summer sale because I know everyone is in for a real treat. And in any case I owe you a review which I will write soon, I promise! Readers, please note – writers need reviews. I think it’s quite heartening that recommendations from individuals are still so influential, so if you like a book don’t keep it to yourself…

  2. Laura Wilkinson
    July 21, 2014

    Reblogged this on Laura Wilkinson and commented:
    The very lovely Bridget Whelan has given my novel the kind of endorsement that makes me rather emotional. Thank you, Bridget. It is especially touching from a writer of your calibre.

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