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A book that shouldn’t be on your Christmas list

Sexist Content The publishers of Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer have been forced to apologise because of its sexist content Although I haven’t seen a copy myself,  I gather that the story consists of Barbie crashing both her sister’s computer and her own, asking male friends to fix them for her, and then passing their work off as her own.

Aimed at 3 to 7 year old girls, it is listed on Amazon UK with a companion book Barbie: I can be an Actress but is thankfully unavailable. However, you can read the 11 one star reviews or flip to Amazon US to read the 165 one star reviews on that site. To get a real flavour of the content and understand why it is has angered so many people read Pamela Ribon’s strongly worded blog post: Barbie Fucks it Up Again.

Some times only good old-fashioned Anglo Saxon will do and I think this is one of them…

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