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There’s a time for everything including posting on Facebook…

york-minister-tiles.jpgI retweeted a post about social media from Carly Watters’ very interesting blog back in October. She is vice president and senior literary agent for a Canadian literary agency, but started her career at a major agency in London. So with that background, I’m guessing she knows the score on both sides of the Atlantic.

I’m returning to that particular post because she also revealed the optimal times to post on different social media platforms. If you are promoting and want to be read by as many people as possible it makes sense to know about stuff like this. (Looks like a lot of office time is spent on twitter. I suppose that because it’s so easy to flip in and out, a few seconds at a go…but why Wednesday lunchtime for looking at pictures on pinterest? What’s so special about Wednesdays…do a lot of people feel visually deprived by midweek? I am on pinterest, but don’t use it much and frankly don’t quite get it. Anyone want to offer an explanation about Wednesdays or pinterest? I’d really like to know…)

When to post

Tumblr: Weekday evenings after 7pm-1am. Don’t post before 4pm. 

Twitter: 9am-4pm weekdays. Peak time: Thursday and Friday at lunch and early afternoon. Don’t post 8pm-8am or Friday after 3pm. 

Facebook: 6am-8am, Thursday and Friday at lunch, and weekends. Peak time: Sunday and Thursday. Don’t post 10pm-6am weekday or weekends after 8pm. 

Pinterest: Weekend mornings and weekdays 2-5pm. Peak time: Saturday morning and Wednesday at lunch. Don’t post 5pm-7pm

By the way, if you missed the orginal October post Carly also confirms what I have always suspected:agents’ first instinct is to google an author that writes a half decent synopsis  (as do prospective employers/working colleagues/new acquaintances). Find out what an agent wants to find (and the answer is not nothing…) HERE.

Do you google someone you’ve just met?

When do you read facebook or send out tweets?

Is social media dead over the holidays or does it light up with pictures of the oddest grandma-knitted jumper?


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