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A novel first birthday – and a #Giveaway

I bought my copy about a year ago as an ebook but I just couldn’t settle to reading fiction online – non fiction is great but I need the print to follow the complexities of a story. Over on The Independent today Fay Weldon says authors should write two versions of a novel: a fast paced digital one and a more reflective and complex print one. Anyway, this is why I haven’t read Laura Wilkinson’s book yet, but I bit the bullet last week and bought the paperback. I’m looking forward to reading it and you can join me with Laura’s giveaway. I see there are ebooks AND paperbacks on offer, good on her.

Laura Wilkinson

public battles draft

Public Battles, Private Wars is one year old today and this small anniversary gives me an opportunity to show my gratitude to all those people who have read, talked about, shared and generally supported my novel. Thank you, it’s been an amazing journey and it’s thanks to you guys.

As authors, it’s easy to lose sight of why we do what we do when we are caught up in the creation of characters, stitching up plot holes and developing theme, and that’s all before we begin the sticky business of publicity and promotion. It is only when a book is out in the big wide reading world that we come out of our self-imposed solitude and make connections with the very people we do this for: that’s you, dear reader, yes, you. The story doesn’t belong to me, the writer, anymore, it belongs to you, to make of it what you…

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