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Roll Up! Roll up! Creative Writing Newsletter out today


 I will be sending out edition number four of my creative writing newsletter later today. It will contain details of submission and competition opportunities that haven’t yet appeared on this blog (including advance notice of a couple so you will have plenty time to write) together with news from the publishing industry, an article about beta readers, and whatever else I can shoehorn in at the last moment. I’m thinking a writing exercise perhaps…does that sound good? Some of this material might appear on this blog later, but newsletter subscribers will be the first to know.

Would you like a copy direct to your email box? If so just sign up HERE. And if you’re reading this after April 2nd that’s not a problem as I can send it to you any time you like (but, of course, deadlines may have passed).

I promise not to use your email address for any other reason. It won’t be sold on to anyone else and I won’t fill up your inbox with promotional emails from me.  At the moment I am sending out the newsletter about every six weeks. I had originally intended it to be less frequent, say three times a year, but there are so many interesting things coming up it seems a shame to limit it. One thing that has happened is that I am getting to know subscribers and what an international and creative bunch they are. I am featuring three subscribers in the current newsletter and I want to continue with that feature. I have found the online writing community to be a supportive place, a generous place and I want the newsletter to reflect that same ethos.

As of this moment, I have 449 subscribers and it would be nice if it went over the 500 mark before addition number five.


photo credit: New technology will slash cost of preserving written heritage via photopin (license)

2 comments on “Roll Up! Roll up! Creative Writing Newsletter out today

  1. Jackie thurston
    April 4, 2015

    I would love to receive your newsletter

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