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A free dating service for Doctor Who fans

Doctor WHOWho’s your favourite Doctor Who? (For me it has to be Tom Baker, although David Tennent comes a close second).

That’s the kind of essential information a new dating service asks.  It has been built by Whovians for Whovians (proper name for fans). The Doctor always needs a companion to travel with him, doesn’t he? . With this idea in mind, was born: a 100% free dating site to help Whovians find their own companion to explore space and time with or the UK, if the Tardis is unavailable

Apparently there’s at least 350,000 single Whovians in Great Britain…(wonder how they worked that out).

8 comments on “A free dating service for Doctor Who fans

  1. glenavailable
    April 15, 2015

    You’ve really started something here Bridget! That sound you’re about to hear is the noise of 40 000 commentors getting their mouse-clicking fingers ready. My favourite Dr Who was without doubt Jon Pertwee. One his most effective but least known roles was as the voice of ‘Death’ in Sony Playstation’s adaption of DISCWORLD back in the 90’s. For me, the doctor with the most ‘it’ factor.

    • bridget whelan
      April 15, 2015

      A grew up to the sound of John Pertwee’s voice – he was on a lot of radio comedy – but he was at a distinct disadvantage as Docto Who as he was never allowed to go anywhere. Can’t remember why. Was the Tardis stuck? What do you think will the dating agency take off (pun intended)?

  2. Jade @ Scatterbooker
    April 15, 2015

    Interesting dating concept! My favourite Doctor is Chris Eccleston and my partner’s is Tom Baker. We seem to get along ok regardless 🙂

    • bridget whelan
      April 15, 2015

      You’ve both got good taste – of course you’d get on!

  3. wendyannedarling
    April 18, 2015

    I loved Patrick Troughton when I was growing up, but as soon as I saw Matt Smith’s goofy face appear out of the TARDIS I was in love again! I was gutted when he left and I keep dreaming about him! No… none of THAT! Curb your imaginations. 😀 The last time he turned up he was playing silly-buggers racing Tenant on motorbikes. He fell off and I lovingly tended his wounds!

    • bridget whelan
      April 19, 2015

      Think I should make it clear that the Doctor Who dating agency probably hasn’t got any ex Doctor Who’s on their books…just thought I’d mention it. (Patrick Troughton! Really?)

      • wendyannedarling
        April 19, 2015

        I guessed that, Bridget, 😀 I was a bit too young for the Hartnell age and emigrated to South Africa at the beginning of the Pertwee age then was too busy getting married and bringing up kids to get back into it until Eccleston. 😀

  4. bridget whelan
    April 20, 2015

    Eccleston was rather good, wasn’t he? And a fine actor…I lived in a Doctor Who house – my husband never lost his delight in it and our sons followed – but I don’t think I’ve sat down and watched it for years. It was just on…

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