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A poem, a painting and a small boy

Judgement of ParisJust came across this poem by Robert Browning on the website of Interesting literature.

It’s a very short poem with a long title: Rhyme for a Child Viewing a Naked Venus in a Painting of ‘The Judgement of Paris’. Written in 1872, it wasn’t published until 1925 over 50 years later.  Browning used only four different words to capture an almost impossible to describe moment.

He gazed and gazed and gazed and gazed,
Amazed, amazed, amazed, amazed.


Photo credit: The Judgement of Paris by Peter Paul Rubens 1639 (Wikipedia)

2 comments on “A poem, a painting and a small boy

  1. kvennarad
    January 14, 2016

    Rhymed word, and word, and word, and word:
    Absurd! Absurd! Absurd! Absurd!

    [sorry, I just couldn’t resist! 😀 ]

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