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How to hook a reader (or an agent) in 3 easy steps…


By Sally Apokedak, @sally_apokedak
Part of the How They Do It Series  on Fiction University

American literary agent Sally Apokedak describes how to hook a reader in 3 easy steps.

1. Paint in the wider story world

2. Then focus in on one or two small details that tell me something about your character or that serve the plot

3. Finally give me some details that put a question in my mind that I must have answered.

 Sally Apokedak writes:

I’m four years into my career as a literary agent and in that time I’ve looked at, probably, ten thousand first pages.          
And guess how many second pages I’ve looked at?
Yeah. Not quite as many. Most stories, I’m sorry to say, don’t pull me in.
What draws me into a story?

 Read the rest at the Fiction University

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