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Monday creative writing exercise because it’s a good way to start the week. Character study

red shoes

You are in some kind of a waiting room: the accident and emergency department of a hospital, attending a job interview, waiting to be interviewed by the police after witnessing a crime…some situation which is already tense and where the waiting adds to the tension. There’s nothing to read. No one is talking. You’re looking down at your feet and you focus on the feet of three people sitting near you.

Describe those feet. Think about:

  • the type of shoes

  • how clean they are

  • toes (if they show)

  • how people move their feet.

high tops

Can you get some kind of feel for a character from their footwear?
Can you tell if they calm or agitated, affluent or badly off?
Anything else?

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A version of this post first appeared on September 16 2013

photo credit: Pumps via photopin (license)

photo credit: sandals! via photopin (license)

photo credit: IMG_0209 via photopin (license)

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