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Four and a half things to do in Dublin in 2016

I’ve been writing some travel features recently and I thought I’d share my recent trip to Dublin to visit the exhibitions and events remembering  Easter 1916 – the failed six day rebellion that created the modern Irish state.
I was the guest of Fáilte Ireland and the full article appears in The Irish Post.

1916 Freedom tour

1. Time travel by truck

I was only in central Dublin a matter of minutes before I saw my first army troop carrier. Its boiled cabbage paintwork and squat body was as evocative of the years around World War I as a red poppy in a buttonhole.

Later that afternoon I was sitting inside one of the especially adapted trucks owned by the 1916 Freedom Tour, sitting on an authentically hard bench.

Audio visual displays relayed the sounds of Dublin a century ago, but it was the guide and the driver that gave a feel of what it must have been like to live through six days that turned a bustling, congested city into a battlefield.

Dressed in period uniforms from both sides of the conflict, the tour includes key locations such as Mount Street Bridge, Jacob’s Factory and Dublin Castle.

We heard about the daily ceasefire that allowed the park keeper to feed the ducks on St Stephen’s Green, the mistakes made and the 40 children killed.

You can read the rest here

3 comments on “Four and a half things to do in Dublin in 2016

  1. glenavailable
    March 31, 2016

    Such a well written article Bridget. You had me from “boiled cabbage paintwork”.
    I’ve visited war museums in a number of countries and they always seem to evoke the human face of history so viscerally.

    • bridget whelan
      April 3, 2016

      Thank you Glen – I was impressed by the amount of thought that has gone into marking the centenary of the Easter Rising. It’s not a glorification but an Intelligent response to an event that gave birth to modern Ireland.

      • glenavailable
        April 3, 2016

        For the love of Ireland!

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