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Come up with an orginal story idea in three easy steps – a creative writing exercise to start the week

I came up with this writing exercise when I was on holiday recently and overheard someone say that the first idea  isn’t always the best idea. The exercise worked for my companion who used it to outline a fascinating short story plot. I hope it works just as well for you.

List three girls (or boys) names that you like. Avoid the names of friends or relatives.

List three places you’ve visited but have never lived in.(It could be a country, region, town or city)

Look out your nearest window. List three things you can see outside.

three turtles

Choose the third item from each list. You’ve got your protagonist and the place where the action is set. Your character wants/needs the object or it has a special significance in some way.

Why does s/he want it? What’s special about the object?
Answer that question and you should have a story.

Got one?

photo credit: Bobble Head Turtles via photopin (license)

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