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Summer Sale! Creative Writing Guide only 99p/ 99 cent

Back to Creative Writing School 30

Because the sun is shining.
Because I haven’t had the central heating on for, oh, at least a week.
Because the days are still growing longer (northern hemisphere only).
Until next Tuesday the ebook version of Back to Creative Writing School will be on sale around the world – or around all Amazon sites anyway.

It will cost just 99p or 99 cent or 0.99 euro or 105 yen or R$3,49 or $ 1.28 (Canadian) or $18.41 (Mexican) or $1.34 (Australian) or 67 Rupee

That’s about two heads of lettuce in most countries….

It’s got over 100 reviews on the UK site and about 25 on (Only one on but it’s a goody with phrases like: “The best ‘how to’ writing book I’ve ever bought – and I’ve bought a few.” )

And here’s what professional writers say about it:

It’s more than a writer’s handbook – it’s a book which anyone could read and if they did they would probably find their pleasure in words and the world heightened.
Lizzie Enfield, author of What You Don’t Know, Uncoupled and Living With It

Accessible, practical, useful advice from a true professional; what more could you want? I recommend this book to all my students, and I recommend it to you. Great stuff.
Alex Pheby, Author and Programme Leader for Creative Writing, University of Greenwich

You don’t need a kindle or any other ereader. You can download a nifty piece of free software from Amazon that will allow you to read it on your phone, PC, ipad etc etc…

So, what are you waiting for…? Go grab a bargain.

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Amazon US      Amazon Canada      Amazon Mexico      Amazon Brazil
Amazon Japan        Amazon India
Amazon Australia


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