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Write a poem for children about kings and queens

The Emma Press
is looking for poems about British and Irish kings and queens, for a new anthology aimed at children aged 8+.
The book will be called The Head that Wears a Crown: Poems about Kings and Queens and will include illustrations and factual annotations throughout, and also feature prompts to encourage the reader to write their own poems.
The publishers want to create a collection that has a broad range of styles and welcome poems with a formal metrical structure and rhymes as well as more free styles and are hoping to find a mix of light-hearted and more serious poems.

“We want to get a good spread of monarchs. So, if we end up with 10 poems about Henry VIII and they’re all great, we’ll pick 1-2 and ask the remaining poets to pick someone else to write about.”

The deadline for submissions is 13th November 2016 and the book will be published in September 2017.

You can find out more from The Emma Press’ website.


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