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Let’s write a scary chain story together

I’m in Mexico for the Day of the Dead right now – I’m posting about it on my other blog At A Gentle Pace – so I’m very tuned into* the idea that the worlds of the living and the dead draw closer together at this time of the year. Let’s try and write a scary story together. Funny scary would be very good (I’m thinking along the lines of American Werewolf in London etc etc), but I think it’s harder to make people laugh than it is to give them goosebumps, but we shall see….



1) Have a go, please!
2) You can have as many goes as you like BUT someone else must make a contribution before you can write again.
3) Read what the last person has written at the very least. Try to give it some internal logic even if it is crazy. And respect the other writers!
4) Remember saying something is scary does not make it scary.
5) I can have a go as long as I obey the above rules.
6) Deadline (see what I did there…?) Wednesday November 2nd 2016 All Saints’ Day 12 midnight Mexico time. (You’re on the internet so figure out what than means for you…)
7) Get your friends to have a go.
8) Have a go yourself. More than once!

Here is the opening sentence:

Sometimes I think the walls of this house are trying to tell me something.

  • tuned in doesn’t mean I believe. These things are complicated and while I etc etc….

One comment on “Let’s write a scary chain story together

  1. bridget whelan
    November 3, 2016

    Ok, so that didn’t work. I’ll do better next time…!

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